Winter Release 4.6

We are pleased to announce the big Winter release Version 4.6 of developments for ProductionWise.

Latest Release Items

Forecasting your crop yield potential just got a whole lot easier!

The ProductionWise Crop Tracker is a very unique decision support tool that can be used to determine potential crop yields for selected paddocks throughout the growing season and we have just given it a major overhaul.

This newly restructured part of ProductionWise allows you to:

  • Easily set up yield forecasts for any chosen paddock, all from one-page view in ProductionWise.
  • Receive simulated yield forecasts and a detailed summary of in-paddock conditions with minimal wait time (Yield simulations can be returned in matter of minutes once they are set up properly)
  • View a simple to understand dashboard of information about your crop that includes current growth stages, yield prediction ranges and soil moisture profile.
  • Easily change planned operations such as future fertiliser applications to see what effect they may have on yield potential and gross margin returns.
  • View gross margin returns and better analyse potential returns from various operation and input scenarios.

The technical software components of Crop Tracker are powered by the highly regarded APSIM Initiative, a joint program involving CSIRO, the State of Queensland, The University of Queensland and AgResearch Ltd in New Zealand.

When generating yield forecasts using Crop Tracker, a range of crop and weather-related information is processed including details of sowing/seeding operations, fertiliser rates and timing, soil nutrient tests and a range of auto populated climate data that we also provide to support the model. Crop Tracker will forecast yield for most varieties of Wheat, Barley, Canola, Oats and Sorghum.

To access Crop Tracker, simply go to the Marketplace (look for the shopping cart symbol in the top menu of your account) and select the paddock(s) that you wish to receive Crop Tracker simulations for this season.


PA Hub ? An introduction to your spatial viewer

Since Plant18 commenced, the PA Hub (precision agriculture page) of ProductionWise has been available for growers and advisers to view temporal and spatial NDVI imagery acquired for their properties. The PA Hub now provides the foundation for which spatial data vegetation biomass (NDVI), elevation and other forms of spatial data (under dev.) will be managed within ProductionWise.

If you have recently ordered NDVI satellite imagery for your farm for 2018 or for previous seasons, checkout the PA Hub from either the Farms or Paddocks pages to look at your crop development, paddock variability and define targeted scouting areas.


Farm Planning ? Customise your report details

We have made it easier to generate PDF farm plan reports through a customised interface allowing you to build the report and the content you want to see.? Simply choose from the various summaries, maps and paddock related components to tailor the report to your needs.

Do you want to print a report without financials or a list of your required inputs to get some quotes on? Simply hide the costs associated with your planned inputs to create an input list without costs to provide to your suppliers.


Spraying Operations ? Record multiple weather observations

Record multiple weather observations for your spraying activities to ensure conditions during the application are captured accurately.

Grain Contracts ? Keep track of all your grain contracts

Grain contract forms have been upgraded to allow the full details of any grain contracts to be entered. Keep track of any changes to your contracts as the season progresses and upload attachments for reference. This will be used as the foundation to calculate and manage your grain position report (under dev.) which will indicate your relative market position and exposure.

Print farm map with current crop status

Now you can print your farm map showing the current crop status using the default colour scheme.? This can be toggled on or off using the layer control in the Print Map layers menu. These maps can be a useful reference for managing your paddocks throughout the season.

Adviser recommendation reports can include/exclude a farm map

We have included the ability to include/exclude a farm map when advisers create recommendations. By default, recommendations will include the farm map unless this option is unchecked when the recommendation is created. The map is just an additional reference to help highlight the paddocks which need to be addressed.

Bug Fixes

Over the months we have addressed several improvements and optimisations including bugs that have been raised by our users.

  • Splitting a shared operation ? now separates the operation from the multi-paddock group if details have been altered
  • ProductionWise not loading on Internet Explorer
  • Issues with printing farm map rectified
  • Spraying weather details showing incorrect unit displayed in paddock diary
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