Version 4.2 NDVI Imagery Update Released

GrainGrowers is pleased to announce ProductionWise version 4.2, ‘The Christmas NDVI Imagery Update’.

Free Satellite NDVI Imagery

We are offering free imagery for 1,000ha of the 2016 April-October period. Thats $350 worth of imagery completely free, follow this link to claim yours now.

Purchase NDVI Imagery in ProductionWise

  • Visit the new Imagery page to purchase satellite NDVI imagery for the coming season
  • Imagery can be purchased for 7 or 12 month periods
  • Once your order is placed you will begin receiving NDVI imagery immediately after it is acquired
  • You will receive Sentinel 2 (10m every 10 days) and Landsat 7 & 8 (15m pan-sharpened every 16 days)
  • The imagery is visible as observations in your paddock diary
  • You will receive an email alerting you when new imagery is available

NDVI Imagery Email

The email has many extra goodies built into it that are not available through ProductionWise yet. If you are wanting to get more out of the imagery you have purchased, this is the place to start.

  • Chart showing the history of all paddocks average NDVI for the complete imagery order period
  • View enhanced true colour images of your paddocks to identify any potential cloud affected areas
  • Link to download all the paddocks imagery as a .KMZ or .TIFF file to view in other applications
  • Links to create a zone shapefile for variable rate application
  • Access your farms, paddocks and purchased imagery through the PASource website


We have done a lot of work on observations, along side the NDVI Imagery feature, to make it more useful and accurate at recording what you are seeing in the paddock for growers and advisers.

  • Add photos to observations from your mobile device’s camera or uploaded through the website
  • View previously saved observations photo galleries in the website and app
  • Use mobile device GPS to set a lat/long coordinate for each of your observations
  • View saved observations location in google maps
  • NDVI Imagery observations can also have photos, location coordinates, biotic and abiotic stresses recorded with them

Other Improvements

  • All operations now have a toggle to end the growing window, this improves the accuracy of gross margins
  • Added a three way toggle button to the paddock diary to switch between different operation detail views
  • Select ‘other’ as the crop variety name and you now have the ability to enter your own variety names
  • Saved comments are now available in the app for both growers and advisers
  • Growers can now view recommendations sent to them by their adviser through the app as PDF’s
  • Advisers can view submitted recommendation PDF’s in the app
  • Operation implements now default to the last used implement in the app
  • Improved the speed of creating large farm plans

Plus many other new features, improvements and fixes.

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