Version 2.5 – ProductionWise for Advisers Released

Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) and Grain Growers Limited of Australia are pleased to announce the release of ProductionWise for advisers to New Zealand.

Adviser Functionality

  • Register an adviser account and connect with growers that have ProductionWise accounts
  • Have full read-write capability of your connected grower’s accounts
  • Customisable reporting template for business details and logos
  • Manage your growers with integrated reporting of recommendations and inputs
  • Advisers can generate reports detailing observations based on scouting activities
  • Growers receive observations and recommendations (plans and actuals) directly into paddock diary
  • Farm dashboard shows if the grower approved or denied adviser recommendations

Future Developments

  • Further development will enable growers to have multiple advisors connected and provisions for accessing components of the system or specific crops planted will be addressed in future releases. Currently, growers can only be connected to one adviser at any time.
  • Adviser App – Ability for advisers to manage connected growers and generate recommendation reports through iOS or Android app

Please pass on these details to your adviser and direct them to ProductionWise to register an adviser account.

Site Optimization & Bug Fixes

This release includes many minor improvements and bug fixes that our users have reported. If you come across any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via the feedback form to let us know so we can rectify them immediately.

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