Version 2.2 Update Released

GrainGrowers are pleased to announce recent developments to ProductionWise.

My Paddocks

We have removed the Year and Season selectors from My Paddocks and replaced it with a Growing Window selector. The Growing Window selector automatically groups operations in the diary by using the sowing and harvest operations. There are many benefits to this change including;

  • Crops & pastures can persist across multiple years.
  • Multiple sowing operations can be entered in one calendar year.
  • Paddock planning has been improved and has no future year limit.
  • Failed sowing operations are now supported.
  • Paddocks can be harvested multiple times.
  • View paddock rotation history at a glance in the new growing season selector.

Crop Tracker

Several improvements have been made to the Crop Tracker page improving how it displays the Growing Window and APSIM yield predictions. These improvements include;

  • Growing Window selector has replaced the year and season selectors.
  • Crop will always appear in the centre of the chart regardless of when it is sown.
  • The chart will now extend to show growing windows up to 2 years.
  • APSIM yield results for each 10 day period are now simulated on the last day of the period, not the first.
  • All paddock operations that occur in the time period visible on the chart are now shown.

Gross Margins

The new Growing Window selector has also been added to the Gross Margin page. This allows Gross Margins to be created with improved accuracy and adds support for planned seasons.

Drought Monitor

The Australian Drought Monitor utilises the internationally peer reviewed Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Combined Drought Index and GrainGrowers extensive national archive of high resolution spatial grids consisting of rainfall, temperature and normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) data. The Drought Monitor is derived through the statistical comparison of how the present conditions (inclusive of the last 3 months) deviate from the multi-year long-term average for the same time period. Drought Monitor grids are produced at 1km resolution and updated every 10 days for each of your farms.

Future Developments

The ‘ProductionWise App’ will be the next major development milestone due early next year. The app will provide users the ability to record paddock operations using a smartphone or tablet whilst in the field.

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