Version 2.1 Update Released

GrainGrowers are pleased to announce recent developments to ProductionWise. 

My Reports

Additional filtering functionality to My Reports now enables greater flexibility to generate tailored reports from the paddock and grain diaries. Using the filters from the My Reports page enables customised vendor declarations to be generated for quality assurance purposes when delivering grain.

All paddock operations, inputs and grain operations for stored grain across your ProductionWise account can be reported on. For each report generated, summary information is provided including number of operations, total cost and average cost per hectare.

These changes provide:

  • The ability to generate reports on any paddock operations and/or grain storage operations entered
  • An alternative report view outlining either ‘Operations’ or ‘Inputs’
    • Operation View – Provides a summary and details of all operations recorded for farm planning and cost assessments
    • Inputs View – Provides a summary and details of paddock applied inputs or pesticides used in grain storage for auditing and budgeting purposes
  •  Numerous ways to access report information. Reports can be:
    • Printed using your web browser
    • Emailed to a third party
    • Exported to PDF format
    • Exported to CSV spreadsheet (with updated layout changes for easier useability)
    • Exported to Vendor Declaration spreadsheet (see below for more details)

Quality Assurance Vendor Declarations

ProductionWise now enables grain vendor declarations to be easily generated through the My Reports page ‘Export’ button. Using a standardised template, the information added when recording paddock operations and grain storage operations can now populate the vendor declaration form to show specific inputs used on a parcel of grain. The purpose of the vendor declaration is to enable growers to accurately quantify the inputs applied to grain in the paddock or in storage to provide detailed evidence of paddock and grain management practices used.

Outlined below are some simple steps to generate a QA form

  • Simply modify the filter(s) on the My Reports page to show all operations that were performed on the selected paddock(s) and/or on-farm grain storage(s) (some adjustments may be required on the filters to obtain the correct outputs)
  • Click Export to Vendor Declaration
  • Open generated vendor declaration spreadsheet and fill in any additional details not captured by ProductionWise
  • Save, print, sign and send with grain delivery

Privacy Policy Changes

We have fielded numerous concerns from users who wanted to know “where their data was being used?”, or “who would have access to it?”. ProductionWise is an industry stewardship platform designed to assist growers to better manage farming practices and provide support for the decisions that need to be made throughout the season. Third party sharing or selling users data is not what we are about and our Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect our guarantee on this position.

Site Optimisation & Bug Fixes

This release includes many minor improvements and bug fixes that our users have reported. If you come across any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via the feedback form to let us know so we can rectify them immediately. A few of these are outlined below

  • For those using a Mac, Harvest operations can now be saved without issue
  • Entering a grazing operation no longer requires an ‘End Date’ to save the operation
  • Grain storage cleaning operation no longer requires a pesticide to be selected in order to save the operation

Future Developments

With mobility the key to entering paddock records, the ‘ProductionWise App’ will be the next major development milestone on our radar. The initial app will provide users the ability to record paddock operations using your smartphone or tablet whilst in the field.

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