Version 1.9 Update released

GrainGrowers are pleased to announce ProductionWise version 1.9. The changes include;

My Farm Improvements

  • Mapping redesign

The mapping functionality of the My Farm page has been completely rebuilt with new technology. The redesign has changed how the Google Map, farm and paddock selectors work, vastly improving space utilisation, speed and reliability. The mapping controls have been simplified making it a straight forward task to map your entire farm very quickly.

  • Map all the features of your farm

In addition to your existing paddocks and grain storages you can now create polygons, lines, circles, rectangles and markers. Use these new shapes to map all the physical, infrastructure and paddock features of your farm.

  • Change visible map layers

There is now a button inside the Google Map viewer allowing you to change the visible map data layers and map type.

  • Print farm map

The print map feature now allows you to adjust the visible map layers to get your map looking exactly how you want. Use your browsers print function to print the A4 map.

  • Find the Latitude & Longitude of a farm feature

When in full screen mode there is now a latitude/longitude coordinate of your mouse pointer displayed at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Record paddock ID

When mapping your paddocks you can now record a paddock ID in addition to the paddock name.

My Diary Improvements

  • Record multiple implements in one paddock operation

Paddock operations where more than one implement was used can now be recorded accurately in the diary. Especially useful in situations where harrows or a roller has been attached behind the main implement.

My Reports Improvements

  • Comprehensive paddock reports

The My Reports page has been completely redesigned to allow advanced custom reports to be created from all your farm, paddock, crop, variety, operation and input diary data. All reports generated can be printed from the browser, saved as a PDF, saved as a CSV or emailed to anyone as a PDF.

General Site Improvements

  • Farm & paddock selector advanced details

The new farm and paddock selectors, which appear on most pages of the site, now show advanced details of each farm or paddock item.

  • Speed improvements

If you are using ProductionWise on a mobile device or on a poor internet connection speed, collapsing the Google Maps viewer will declutter the interface and vastly improve page load speed. ProductionWise remembers your setting and subsequent visits to the site will not redisplay the Google Maps viewer unless you expand it again.

Site Optimisation & Bug Fixes

This release includes many minor improvements and bug fixes that our users have reported. If you come across any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via the feedback form to let us know so we can rectify them immediately.

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