Version 1.8 Update Released

GrainGrowers are pleased to announce ProductionWise version 1.8. The changes include;

My Farm Improvements

  • Increase farm limit of number of paddocks and grain storages

For each farm in ProductionWise, the maximum number of paddocks has been increased from 50 to 70 and the maximum number of grain storages has increased from 20 to 30. These increases have been adjusted to give farmers more flexibility to record farm information whilst maintaining system integrity and stability.

  • Ability to print farm maps

Users can now print their farm maps for external reference and planning purposes. From the My Farm page, expand the map viewer to ‘Full Screen View’ mode and print. The preview will enable you to change the background Google layers or zoom level to your desired map output. Using the web browser print function, users can print their farm maps in full colour or black and white.

My Diary Improvements

  • Operation forms now enable you to enter as much information as you want 

Growers can enter as much or as little information as desired when recording paddock operations. Updated forms now provide users with minimal required fields to enter an operation. Operation forms are now defined by annotations directing the user to enter data specifically to calculate Gross Margins and enable the APSIM model to generate yield predictions. Each operation form has a progress bar letting you know how much information is recommended to be entered.

  • Operations can be entered to part of a paddock

Operations can now be entered to a user defined area of the paddock. This provides the ability to record perimeter spraying activities or targeted fertiliser applications that are not applicable to the whole paddock. The operation area can be adjusted to suit the actual area the operation was applied to improving the operation and input costs for accurate gross margins. 

  • Grazing operations now entered as total head per paddock

Users can now enter the total head per paddock when recording grazing operations to accurately determine live weight gain and income generated. Strip grazing is now supported with the addition of the operation area enabling users to define portions of paddocks used. All data entered by users previously as head/ha will be automatically calculated to total head per paddock.

  • Forage operation yield can now be entered as t/ha or total bales

When entering a forage operation, yield can either be defined as tonnes/ha or total bales per paddock. When selecting total bales, the user can also define the average bale weight to track bale size and to generate a yield for the gross margin. 

  • Irrigation rate can now be entered as mm/ha or ML/ha

When entering an irrigation operation, users can now define the rate as either millimeters per hectare or megalitres per hectare. This enables the water cost per unit to be entered accordingly.

  • Grain harvest operation cost can now be entered as $/t or $/ha

Grain harvest operation costs can now be entered as either $/t or $/ha to assist with recording the correct cost structure utilised by contractors undertaking harvest activities.

Gross Margin Improvements

  • Costs now include new operation area

With the addition of operation area to each diary form, the Gross Margin has been upgraded to include the area associated with each operation listed. This provides full transparency for the calculations that are being shown to enable accurate assessment and year on year comparsions of paddock and farm data.

  • Inclusion of Total Income to form totals

Total Income has been added to the overall totals displayed on the Gross Margin page. This provides users with an overall view of income generated, cost of production and overall gross margin per paddock and at farm level.

General – Site optimisation and bug fixes

This release includes many minor improvements and bug fixes that our users have reported. If you come across any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via the feedback form to let us know so we can rectify them immediately.

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