Summertime APSIM Ground Proofing

Now that it’s summer and harvest is well and truly finished, you may have some extra time on your hands. Why not use this time to get online and compare harvest results against your APSIM yield predictions. 

ProductionWise will compare your actual yield results against the APSIM forecast and give you a forecast accuracy percentage. The Yield & Production page is handy if you want to know how well APSIM performed across your farm. If the accuracy is below 90% you can review our previous article ‘Quick Tips – Maximising Yield Predictions’ or contact us directly so we can assist you and ensure improved accuracy for the next season. 

Yield Production Accuracy

If you have any further questions or require support please contact your local field officer:

NSW/VIC Jack Ellice-Flint 04 1826 3039
QLD Susan McDonald 04 0717 0315
SA David Evans 04 3717 6280
WA Ray Morgan 04 1795 6287
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