ProductionWise Release – 4.9

More Map Upgrades

Further to our last big map upgrade, which included paddock splitting and merging, we have been listening to your feedback and added some further improvements to the map.

Visualise Planned Crops:

Toggle your map between the current season’s crops in the ground, or the upcoming planned crops from your diary. Allowing you to view print out your coming season. Use the Planned Crops and Current Crops button above the legend to toggle between the two.

Toggle between Planned and Current Crops on the map

Colour Code Features:

You can now enhance your farm maps with a splash of colour. When adding custom shapes to your map you can select a colour for them to highlight different farm features. Mark your access gates one colour and the rocks in your paddock another to easily highlight important features for your spray contractors.

Colour code paddock features on your map

Splitting, Zoning and Merging Paddocks:

Whether you are adding or removing fences to improve on-farm efficiencies or sowing multiple crops within the same paddock boundary, ProductionWise now provides more precise mapping capabilities along with managing sub-zones within paddocks on a seasonal basis.  

With these added features, ProductionWise allows older paddock configurations to be archived to ensure the paddock management activity history is available for reference when required. On a seasonal basis, farmers are constantly changing the way they manage their paddocks. The process of modifying existing paddocks allows the new configuration to be active in the current season whilst older paddock configurations are archived. Archived paddocks still remain in the system and can be set to Active at any time.  The benefit of this change allows different paddock configurations to be stored whilst allowing the spatial and temporal paddock history to be retained.

How to access these features:

To change the configuration of the paddock boundaries, simply navigate to the Farms page and select ‘Edit Farm’ and click on an existing paddock you would like to modify. By modifying any of the paddock configurations, the old paddock configuration (including paddock history) is archived and the newly created paddock configurations become active in the paddock diary.

Split Paddock: This allows an existing paddock to be split in two using the existing bounds of the mapped paddock. The scenario where this could be used is if a new fence has been added, if multiple crops are planted within the bounds of the paddock or if specific sub-zones are being generated based on visible soil attributes for example.

Zone Paddock: This allows new zones within a paddock to be created. For example, this allows specific areas such as an N rich strip or trial plot clusters to be created within an existing paddock to allow more specific paddock management activities to be recorded.

Merge Paddocks: This allows two or more paddocks to be merged together to generate a new paddock based on the extent of the paddocks being merged. The scenario for this use would be commonly where fences are being removed to make paddocks larger. The original paddocks would be archived allowing the paddock history to be maintained.

Delete Section: This allows the ability to delete a section of a paddock or cookie-cut an area out of an existing paddock is common to remove vegetation stands or dams. This editing feature improves paddock boundary precision for further applications such as NDVI imagery assessment and variable rate prescription generation.

Listing Archived Paddocks: This is a handy option to view paddocks or paddock configurations that share or have shared the same plot of land in previous seasons. This is useful in determining the different configurations the paddock has been in the past to help with the management of planting options going forward especially for seed production. Alternative uses of this feature also allow paddocks no longer under production to be kept within the system without clogging up the paddock diary.

These archived paddocks can be toggled on or off in both the web or the app to only view the paddock history when browsing the paddock diary. To edit details of archived paddocks, they must be made ‘Active’ in the website.