ProductionWise Crop Update August 2015

ProductionWise Crop Update August 2015


“Earlier in the season yield forecasts were being negatively affected by the falling Southern Oscillation Index (SOI). As we progress into August rainfall has continued to be received above expectations in most of the south eastern cropping belt locations. This has resulted in many growers top dressing to meet the new potential yield forecast.”

Michael Pengilley – 7th August 2015.

FarmLink, Temora NSW

Bulla Burra, Loxton SA

Hart Field Site, Hart SA

Spitfire Wheat

4.4 t/ha

Yitpi Wheat

1.5 t/ha

44Y81 Canola

1.7 t/ha

Sown: 10th May

Sowing Rate: 60kg/ha

Sown: 12th May

Sowing Rate: 53kg/ha

Sown: 7th May

Sowing Rate: 2.3kg/ha

Soil Moisture @ sowing (mm): 14

GSR (mm): 154

Last Frost: Late July

Soil Moisture @ sowing (mm): 13

GSR (mm): 51

Last Frost: Late July

Soil Moisture @ sowing (mm): 31

GSR (mm): 102

Last Frost: Late July

Sowing Fertiliser: MAP @ 70kg/ha

Top Dressing: Urea @ 60kg/ha

Sowing Fertiliser: MAP Zn @ 16kg/ha,

Urea @ 7 kg/ha, Thumper @ 2 kg/ha

Sowing Fertiliser: 22:14:0:0 @ 100kg/ha

Top Dressing: Urea @ 100kg/ha

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