Hart Field Site Canola Update September 2015

Hart Field Site 44Y89 Canola Update


Yield Forecast (t/ha) Growing Season Rainfall (mm)



 Paddock Details

Crop Setting Paddock Setting
Crop Type Canola 44Y89 CL Area 6.3 ha
Sowing Date 7th May 2015 Elevation 187 m
Sowing Rate 2.3 kg/ha Slope 0.5
Row Spacing 300 mm Aspect E
Implement Knife points + press wheels Soil PAWC 206 mm
Plant Density  15 p/m2 Soil Characterisation Clay loam over light-medium-heavy clays (No.285)

Paddock Diary


Yield Forecast
80th Percentile 1.34/ha
Median 1.33 t/ha
20th Percentile 1.29 t/ha
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