FarmLink Spitfire Wheat Update October 2014

FarmLink Spitfire Wheat Update


“The Spitfire Wheat in paddock 5a was observed on the 22nd of October with the crop being currently at soft dough or around GS82 and the flag leaf has senesced markedly in the last week due to some hot and windy days. Primary tiller heads are filling 3 and 4 wide. The disease pressure has been low through spring and no fungicide has been applied. The crop has struggled in the last 2 weeks and this will be reflected in the yield come harvest.” Tony Pratt – 23rd October 2014.

Yield Forecast (t/ha) Biomass (kg/ha) GSR (mm) Growth Stage





Topdressing Scenario Planning

Urea was applied to the paddock on 14th July at the rate of 100 kg/ha. Below are the yield forecasts from different Urea rates if they were applied on the same day.

Urea 150 (t/ha) Urea 100 (t/ha) Urea 50 (t/ha) Urea 0 (t/ha)





Gross Margin Analysis

Gross Margin ($/ha) Breakeven Yield (t/ha) Breakeven Price ($)




Temora Paddock

Crop Setting Paddock Setting
Crop Type Spitfire Wheat Area 23.8 ha
Sowing Date 13th May 2014 Elevation 271 m
Sowing Rate 60 kg/ha Slope 0.1
Row Spacing 300 mm Aspect E
Implement Knife points + press wheels Soil PAWC 147 mm
Plant Density  126 (p/m2) Soil Characterisation Red Chromosol (No. 913)

FarmLink Paddock 5a

Paddock Diary

Paddock Operations Climate
Soil Test 16/01/14 NO3 = 37, NH4 = 12 mg/kg Year-to-Date rainfall 381 mm
Spraying 14/03/14 Roundup, Amicide, LI 700 Soil Moisture @ Sowing 40 mm
Spraying 09/05/14 Roundup, Goal, LI 700 Growing Season Rainfall 182 mm
Sowing 13/05/14 MAP 50 kg/ha Last Frost 20th Sep (-1°C)
Spraying 13/05/14 Gramoxone, Sakura Soil Moisture early September 10 mm
Spraying 30/05/14 Fastac Duo, Dimethoate September SOI -7.5
Spraying 04/07/14 Igran, MCPA, Ally

Similar SOI Seasons

1976, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1997, 2002, 2006
Topdressing 14/07/14 Urea 100 kg/ha

Operations & Climate October


Yield Forecast Crop Status (24 Oct)
80th Percentile 3.50 t/ha Growth Stage Z79
Median 3.27 t/ha NDVI 0.76
20th Percentile 3.22 t/ha Biomass 8592 kg/ha

APSIM & NDVI September

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