Christmas Release

We are pleased to announce the latest release Version 4.4 of developments for ProductionWise.? This release includes some major development items the team has been working on to assist you over this harvest period. We have previously released some smaller development items which you have most probably taken advantage of by now and have detailed them below for your reference.

Latest Release Items

  • Header Yield Processing ? FREE for 2017 Season
    • ProductionWise now allows header yield data to be uploaded against your paddocks
    • Automatic processing of yield data simply and effectively for the 2017 season
    • To access, go to TOOLS menu and select the Yield Processing page
  • Grain Pricing Discovery (Growers Only)
    • Keep an eye on the daily cash bids to gain valuable market access insight
    • Set up favourite grain delivery sites to monitor daily cash prices
    • To access, go to GRAIN menu and select the Grain Pricing page
  • ProductionWise Marketplace
    • Introducing the new monthly pricing structure to access ProductionWise
    • A flexible monthly provision to select paddock decision support on your paddocks
    • Receive Crop Tracker forecasts and NDVI imagery on your selected paddocks
    • To access, go to the Shopping Trolley menu icon to view your monthly options
  • Updated ProductionWise Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy
    • Introduction of industry first Data Use Principles outlining our obligations to you and your data
    • Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these updated conditions

Previous Release Items

  • Paddock Diary list shows paddocks receiving Crop Tracker yield forecasting and NDVI imagery orders
  • Expansion of imagery platforms now showing Sentinel 2b imagery along with Sentinel 2A and Landsat 7 & 8
  • Grain Harvest capture fields to include seed generation and seed reference details
  • Importing of KML farm maps now accessible from Farms page
  • Updated spraying activity water source to allow water source and storage options

General App Improvements

  • More values now default based on previous entered operations
  • View header yields uploaded from the website
  • Improved offline support
  • Record soil moisture as part of soil test activities
  • Quickly add activities from the action page
  • Updated spraying activity water source to allow water source and storage options
  • Easily send feedback from the new side menu button (love to hear from you)
  • Favourite input products are now synced with the website
  • Action page for growers to improve navigation
  • View received recommendations offline
  • Growers can view their farm plans
  • Growers can use templates when adding operations to the diary
  • Observations with a location can be viewed on the map

Australian Growers and advisers can now view Crop Tracker (APSIM) simulations

  • ??View current growth stage, latest yield prediction and soil moisture status
  • ??View GSR and recent frost and heat stress influences
  • ??Slide show of NDVI imagery for Crop Tracker selected paddocks
  • ??View APSIM yield simulations on previous seasons paddocks
  • ??Simple Paddock-to-Crop tracker interface
  • ??Record in-season paddock yield estimations from observation activities

Adviser Improvements

  • Advisers can view their connected growers’ farm maps
  • Adviser Recommendations:
    • Recommendation creation page has been redesigned
    • Expand and collapse the details of a reco
    • Advisers can reuse saved comments for operations
    • Recommendation reports sync for offline viewing
  • Create or edit activities in the grower’s paddock diaries
  • Apply templates to their grower’s diary
  • Advisers now have default and remembered costs
  • View connected growers purchased NDVI imagery


– Further improvements to the sync and operational speeds.

– Added filtering by activity types in the diary for Growers and Advisers

– NDVI imagery observations now show the cloud cover status

– Photos now sync correctly to the website

– Adding Delta T values to a spraying operation accepts decimal values

– Last entered costs and default costs now load when creating an operation

– The map now loads you directly to the selected farm

– Large comments for observation images are now handled correctly

– Product name is displayed instead of material type for inputs

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