Assessing Your Costs – Gross Margins

Managing your cost base requires permanent attention which can drift away slightly when farming life gets hectic. The Gross Margins planner enables you to keep a close watchful eye throughout the season to determine the factors that will influence a good season as opposed to a great season. Approximately 95% of the inputs into the Gross Margin is added through the diary which highlights operation costs and associated inputs. 

ProductionWise draws on this information along with seasonal climate observations and forecasted rainfall to determine the production outlook ahead. With these parameters in place, and the decision tools sitting by your side, you can assess the cost base and determine how yield and price variances will effect your season profitability.

View your Gross Margins at individual paddock level detailing all income, and expenditure and further explore if all paddocks combined will bring home the bacon for you. View the gross margins as a colour coded reference map to isolate the best and worst performing paddocks and use this information in the coming seasons to better manage these land parcels.

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