APSIM Crop Tracker Released

ProductionWise Version 1.7, Agricultural Production System sIMulator (APSIM) Crop Yield Forecasting

The APSIM crop simulator, the same model which has been the backbone of Yield Prophet® for many years, is now available as part of a complete farm management and integrated decision support tool ProductionWise. We have implemented APSIM using a vastly improved and unique method with a complete grower user focus.

APSIM currently supports the winter crops wheat, barley, canola & oats and replaces the previous yield model. To successfully run a simulation and view the results please refer to the APSIM section on the Help Page. The Potential Yield CALculator (PYCAL) is unaffected by this upgrade and is still visible to all users on the ‘My Diary’ page for each paddock with a supported crop type. You must be a ProductionWise subscriber to access the APSIM yield forecasting functionality. Subscribe Here.

The changes include:

  1. My Farm – Soil characterisation
    Growers can now select from nearby APSoil soil characterisations when mapping paddocks
  2. My Diary – Updated operations
    The sowing operation now identifies APSIM supported crop types & varieties. The soil test operation has been further improved.
  3. Crop Tracker – APSIM yield forecasts
    The Crop Tracker page now shows the APSIM yield forecast for every 10 days during the season. The page will also show APSIM yield forecasts that have run for historical years. An indicator has been added to show the current APSIM processing status.
  4. Yield & Production – APSIM yield accuracy
    The Yield & Production page now shows the current APSIM yield forecast and compares it to the end of season harvest result.
  5. Gross Margins – APSIM forecasted 
    The Gross Margins page now populates the yield during the season with the current APSIM yield forecast
  6. APSIM Simulations – Scenario planning
    All current season APSIM yield simulations include the future operations that have been entered into the diary to allow for scenario planning
  7. General – Site optimisation and bug fixes
    Continuous development on the ‘backend’ of ProductionWise aims to provide users with a stable, secure and seamless interface to access their data. Site optimisation is extremely important to enable ProductionWise to function properly and we have addressed a number of bugs that have been raised. If you come across any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via the feedback form to let us know so we can rectify them immediately.
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