Grower Subscription

Our aim is to give you fully flexible, cost effective access to ProductionWise and its? market leading decision support features.

You can subscribe to ProductionWise on a rolling month to month cycle. There are no long term lock-in periods so you have the ability to turn your account on and off to enable access whenever you need it. You will not lose any account data if you choose to turn your subscription off.

  • Planner Pack

  • $22

    per month (Inc. GST)

  • Record Keeping
  • Farm Planning
  • Gross Margins
  • Adviser Recommendations
  • Climate Indicators
  • Spray Planner
  • Benchmarking
  • Apple & Android App
  • + APSIM

  • 1 Token

    per paddock

  • Tokens

  • Assign Tokens in the Marketplace

    Get started with 5 Free Token Credits

  • 0-40 tokens = $4.40 ea. per month
  • >40 tokens = $2.20 ea. per month
  • Purchasing Tokens Unlocks
  • Seasonal Climate
  • Drought Monitor
  • Rainfall Forecast
  • Yield & Production