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ProductionWise Release – 4.9

More Map Upgrades Further to our last big map upgrade, which included paddock splitting and merging, we have been listening to your feedback and added some further improvements to the map. Visualise Planned Crops: Toggle your map between the current season’s crops in the ground, or the upcoming planned crops from your diary. Allowing you […]

Winter Release – Version 4.8

Broadacre production systems are becoming increasingly dynamic in the way they are managed and the latest ProductionWise release will improve your paddock management going forward. We are also excited to inform you of a number of recent updates to the system you may have already had a chance to familiarise yourself with. Paddock Mapping Upgrades […]

Exciting News – FluroSat Acquires ProductionWise from GrainGrowers

FluroSat, the innovator in remote-sensing crop-health analytics, is excited to announce the acquisition of the Digital Agriculture Platform of  Grain Growers Limited, the leading representative body for Australian grain farmers. The Digital Agriculture Platform consists of a range of leading digital agriculture products in Australia and New Zealand, including the widely known ProductionWise, and a […]

Latest Release – Version 4.7

Latest Release – Version 4.7 We are pleased to announce several recent new developments and updates to ProductionWise over the last month.? Some of these features you may have already had the opportunity to use and thanks to those who have provided feedback which has allowed the Team to fine tune some of the new […]

Winter Release 4.6

We are pleased to announce the big Winter release Version 4.6 of developments for ProductionWise. Latest Release Items Forecasting your crop yield potential just got a whole lot easier! The ProductionWise Crop Tracker is a very unique decision support tool that can be used to determine potential crop yields for selected paddocks throughout the growing […]

Autumn Release 4.5

We are pleased to announce the latest release Version 4.5 of developments for ProductionWise. A number of these latest features/improvements have been based on feedback from many of the growers and trusted advisers. Latest Release Items Calendar view of paddock activities (web) Viewing paddock activities and upcoming plans just got a whole lot easier?with the […]

Christmas Release

We are pleased to announce the latest release Version 4.4 of developments for ProductionWise.? This release includes some major development items the team has been working on to assist you over this harvest period. We have previously released some smaller development items which you have most probably taken advantage of by now and have detailed […]

App Version 1.7.2 – Adviser Reco Redesign

The latest app update, version 1.7.2 is now available in both the Apple and Android app stores. The update includes many enhancements for advisers, and further improving their ability to interact with their connected growers whilst in the paddock and offline.?Many of the improvements in this update come from valuable user feedback and recent adviser […]

App Version 1.7 Adviser Paddock Diary Update

The ProductionWise software development team has been working hard in recent months to bring you the latest ProductionWise mobile App update. A key long term goal for our team is to build all of the Web based features of ProductionWise into the app and this release is the latest in an going effort of scheduled […]

Version 4.3 Benchmarking Update

GrainGrowers is pleased to announce ProductionWise version 4.3,?the benchmarking update. Paddock Diary Added a diary activity filter to reduce clutter and help find specific activity types easily, useful when viewing NDVI imagery observations Added an end growing window toggle on all operation forms, this allows you to set, for example, a spraying operation to end […]