Version 1.71 Update Released

GrainGrowers are pleased to announce ProductionWise version 1.71. The changes include;

  1. My Diary – Future Plans
    Growers can now enter planned operations, save & print reports and calculate potential gross margins for the next cropping season.
    The paddock summary list can now be ordered by name, area & crop type. This improves data entry efficiency by grouping like paddocks together especially for those with large farms.
    Paddocks are now automatically set to fallow in the sowing status when no sowing operation has been recorded.
  2. Crop Tracker – Growing Degree Days
    Average temperature has been replaced in the crop tracker page with growing degree days (GDD). GDD is accumulated through the year and displayed as a year-to-date total every 10 days.
  3. Production Profile – Climate Comparison
    The climate comparison chart now compares the accumulated rainfall total for every 10 days during the current year against the best yielding year in history.
  4. General – Site optimisation and bug fixes
    This release included many minor improvements and bug fixes that our users have reported. If you come across any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via the feedback form to let us know so we can rectify them immediately.