Version 1.5 Update Released

My Diary – Automatic Price Remembering

ProductionWise now further assists users through efficient data entry by remembering costs and prices of operations and inputs added in the paddock diary.

Simply add an operation and set the cost(s) for either contractor or farm employee and these values will automatically populate the fields when future operations of the same type and implement are entered into My Diary.

This functionality also applies to any inputs that are added to operations. Setting the cost of particular spray additives and inputs will only be required once making future data entry more streamlined and less demanding.

Site Optimisation:

The ProductionWise Team has been working hard to enhance the site ‘speed’ to benefit the end user experience.  Additional upgrades to the ‘backend’ will provide users with an optimised user interface to navigate, query and assess full ProductionWise functionality.

Bug Fixes:

Continuous platform testing has highlighted the odd bug or two in the system.  We have addressed these issues and appreciate any feedback or errors that users may encounter whilst using ProductionWise.

Did You Know?

Growers can link their ProductionWise account to their advisor easily to facilitate a seamless communication pathway.  Advisors are required to register an account. A simple email prompt will get the ball rolling!

Advisors will have full access to the functionality of the growers account to view, edit and manage records and assist with the decision making process by providing dedicated reports outlining specific observations and recommendations.