Winter Release – Version 4.8

Broadacre production systems are becoming increasingly dynamic in the way they are managed and the latest ProductionWise release will improve your paddock management going forward. We are also excited to inform you of a number of recent updates to the system you may have already had a chance to familiarise yourself with.

Paddock Mapping Upgrades

Whether you are adding or removing fences to improve on-farm efficiencies or sowing multiple crops within the same paddock boundary, ProductionWise now provides more precise mapping capabilities along with managing sub-zones within paddocks on a seasonal basis.  

With these added features, ProductionWise allows older paddock configurations to be archived to ensure the paddock management activity history is available for reference when required. On a seasonal basis, farmers are constantly changing the way they manage their paddocks. The process of modifying existing paddocks allows the new configuration to be active in the current season whilst older paddock configurations are archived. Archived paddocks still remain in the system and can be set to Active at any time.  The benefit of this change allows different paddock configurations to be stored whilst allowing the spatial and temporal paddock history to be retained.

How to access these features:

To change the configuration of the paddock boundaries, simply navigate to the Farms page and select ‘Edit Farm’ and click on an existing paddock you would like to modify. By modifying any of the paddock configurations, the old paddock configuration (including paddock history) is archived and the newly created paddock configurations become active in the paddock diary.

Split Paddock: This allows an existing paddock to be split in two using the existing bounds of the mapped paddock. The scenario where this could be used is if a new fence has been added, if multiple crops are planted within the bounds of the paddock or if specific sub-zones are being generated based on visible soil attributes for example.

Zone Paddock: This allows new zones within a paddock to be created. For example, this allows specific areas such as an N rich strip or trial plot clusters to be created within an existing paddock to allow more specific paddock management activities to be recorded.

Merge Paddocks: This allows two or more paddocks to be merged together to generate a new paddock based on the extent of the paddocks being merged. The scenario for this use would be commonly where fences are being removed to make paddocks larger. The original paddocks would be archived allowing the paddock history to be maintained.

Delete Section: This allows the ability to delete a section of a paddock or cookie-cut an area out of an existing paddock is common to remove vegetation stands or dams. This editing feature improves paddock boundary precision for further applications such as NDVI imagery assessment and variable rate prescription generation.

Listing Archived Paddocks: This is a handy option to view paddocks or paddock configurations that share or have shared the same plot of land in previous seasons. This is useful in determining the different configurations the paddock has been in the past to help with the management of planting options going forward especially for seed production. Alternative uses of this feature also allow paddocks no longer under production to be kept within the system without clogging up the paddock diary.

These archived paddocks can be toggled on or off in both the web or the app to only view the paddock history when browsing the paddock diary. To edit details of archived paddocks, they must be made ‘Active’ in the website.

Chemical Inventory Management

Previous releases have integrated the Chem Shed inventory management system to allow chemicals stored on-farm to be managed and tracked as they are used throughout the season. The chem shed allows single or multi-product data entry into the system capturing a range of details such as batch, quantity, container size, value and expiry to allow greater transparency of product availability, where it is stored and to assist with asset management and safe chemical handling and recording.

We have recently added the ability for Chem Shed products to be deleted if necessary. Products that have been incorrectly entered to the chem shed can now be deleted.  Finalising products remains unchanged and still allows inputs to be finished to maintain application history in ProductionWise. To finalise or delete products, click the ‘View Log’ link.

How to access this feature:

The Chem Shed feature can be accessed from the Tools menu. The Chem Shed is also available in the app allowing on-site management of chemicals to be referenced. Keeping track of products and assigning inputs from the chem shed to paddock applications has been easily integrated to allow precise input management to be maintained.

Tutorial Videos

The ProductionWise Team has not only made vast improvements to the system over the last 6 months, we have also generated a number of useful videos to help navigate around certain areas of the system. These tutorial videos will help guide you through different parts of the system and provide you further insight into the functionalities ProductionWise has to offer. These are a work in progress so keep your eye out for new videos as they are generated.

How to access this feature:

Click the link or go to the Help page and select the feature you are wanting to learn more about.

Spraying Operation Upgrades

  • Spraying activities that occur over multiple days can now be recorded with an increase in the duration of the activity. Often spraying applications get interrupted by unfavorable weather conditions or machinery failure. This change will allow a single application to be recorded even if it takes a longer time to complete.  
  • Spraying operations that have a start time but no end date or time, are displayed as ‘In Progress’ to allow you to see which activities are underway or have been delayed. This logic has also been applied to Grazing operations.

Expanded Operation Details – App

  • Improved viewing of inputs on saved templates allows additional information of the input details and options to modify the dates prior to applying the templates
  • Improved viewing capability to expand information associated with operations in the paddock diary such as inputs, biotic stresses for observations, NDVI imagery, images taken whilst scouting and comments


Bug Fixes

  • Share activity – fixed issue with incorrect calculation of total area required of jobs to be done
  • Observation saving biotic stresses – fixed issue stopping biotic stresses to be saved
  • Adding inputs to operations – fixed issue not allowing multiple inputs to be entered in the same workflow
  • Fixed bug that stopped the farm map from rendering in the app
  • App Farm map – Go to paddock now takes you to the paddock diary for the selected paddock
  • Fixed issue in the app for Chem Shed that stopped alpha-numeric batch numbers to be recorded
  • Custom products can now be entered to the Chem Shed using the app
  • Fixed issue that stopped the search function of inputs in the product lists
  • Other bug fixes and site optimisations


Exciting News – FluroSat Acquires ProductionWise from GrainGrowers

FluroSat, the innovator in remote-sensing crop-health analytics, is excited to announce the acquisition of the Digital Agriculture Platform of  Grain Growers Limited, the leading representative body for Australian grain farmers.

The Digital Agriculture Platform consists of a range of leading digital agriculture products in Australia and New Zealand, including the widely known ProductionWise, and a team of Canberra based software developers and agricultural specialists.

Through this acquisition, FluroSat will incorporate the ProductionWise suite of precision agriculture software services into its global offering, and significantly expand its world-class team with the addition of some of Australia most experienced digital farming developers and practitioners.

“ProductionWise enables us to deliver a comprehensive decision support tool for improving yields while reducing costs for our farmers”, explains Anastasia Volkova, FluroSat CEO. “the proven science behind the accurate ProductionWise climatic and crop models combined with FluroSat’s smart AI-driven agronomic tools delivers a solution that helps farmers make decisions rather than drown them in more data.”

The expanded business will serve more than 1000 customers in Australia, New Zealand and the US, with plans to rapidly extend into new crops and regions. “We are very pleased to be able to continue supporting the large, dedicated group of ProductionWise users”, continued Volkova. “ProductionWise and FluroSense together will deliver an improved platform for all our current and future users for powerful, informed agronomic decision-making”.

“The acquisition of ProductionWise by FluroSat will bring two of Australia’s leading digital ag solutions powered by world-leading agricultural science to the world”, said Mike Zimmerman, Partner at Main Sequence Ventures CSIRO Innovation Fund and FluroSat Director. “FluroSat can be a great example of our research having an impact at scale across the globe.”

This combination means that existing ProductionWise and FluroSat customers will have access to enhanced functionality, with the platform’s features able to provide reliable agronomic decision support, tailored recommendations at a sub-field level and the ability to focus the agronomist’s attention on the emerging issues spotted in the field.

David McKeon, CEO of GrainGrowers said: “ProductionWise is one of Australia’s most powerful decision support platforms for grain growers, in use for over a decade and providing planning, satellite imagery and precise Agricultural Production Systems Simulator (APSIM)-driven yield simulations. We are excited about the synergy between the scientific agronomic approaches and modern ML and AI data exploration techniques which will offer the industry a comprehensive, easy to use way to understand the impact of their decisions on crop yield.”

Learn more about FluroSense by visiting the FluroSat website at

Latest Release – Version 4.7

Latest Release – Version 4.7

We are pleased to announce several recent new developments and updates to ProductionWise over the last month.? Some of these features you may have already had the opportunity to use and thanks to those who have provided feedback which has allowed the Team to fine tune some of the new features.


NEW – Record Your Rainfall

  • Record your own rainfall for multiple locations across your farming enterprise
  • Import previous years rainfall using the template for rapid data entry
  • Compare current year rainfall totals with previous years rainfall
  • View your rainfall in the Calendar view to help reference rainfall with paddock management activities and NDVI imagery acquired


Import historical rainfall data and compare previous years rainfall with the current year

Crop Tracker

  • Updated the latest reference APSIM soil characterisation database
  • Updated canola growth development stages to industry standard
  • Updated Canola default plant density calculation
  • Improved visibility of fertiliser breakdown used in yield simulations

Spraying Operation Upgrades

  • Weather observations allow avg. and max. wind details including comments
  • Include details of the spray situation for improved recording and timing of your spray activities
  • Allows start and stop times to be recorded for around the clock spray activities
  • Improved ability to export weather observations captured for spraying activities
  • Operation area allows 20% buffer for overspray situations (applicable to all operations)

Enter the spray situation to better define the timing of your spraying activities

Grazing Operation Upgrades

  • Inclusion of a new field to capture Dry Sheep Equivalent (DSE) based on stock class selected
  • This will enable future reports to be generated and paddock grazing pressures to be assessed

Reporting Updates

NEW – Paddock Rotation Reports

  • View paddock rotation history and highlight crop sequences to assist with planning rotations.
  • Customisable colors to highlight specific crops and export to PDF for further reference
  • Accessed from the Reports menu

NEW – Chemical Group Reports

  • Highlight the chemical groups and the frequency of applications on your paddocks to determine resistance susceptibility and future paddock management strategies.
  • Customisable colors to highlight specific crops and export to PDF for further reference
  • Accessed from the Reports menu

Simply query your chemical group usage over time to manage rotations


NEW – Grain Storage Management in the App

  • Manage grain transfers, aeration and grain quality inspections
  • Be diligent with recording storage cleaning and pesticide applications
  • Simple adjustments and resetting silo tonnages
  • Finalise/part deliver to existing contracts (must be setup in webpage)
  • Record cash sales for grain parcels leaving the property

NEW – Record Rainfall in the App

  • Record your rainfall when out in the field (online or offline)
  • View your year to date (YTD) and growing season (GSR) totals
  • Compare the current year with previous rainfall totals
  • Note: Rainfall sites need to be setup in website first

Website and App Bug Fixes:

  • Spraying operation ? adding/editing the time of a weather observation now syncs with website
  • Growing window now defaults to the current growing year
  • Grower can now generate and view PDF farm plans through the app
  • User interface issues with Internet Explorer
  • Fixed issue with date cycling when editing planned spraying operation
  • Spraying operation weather observations ordered by date/time ascending
  • Fixed spraying operation end time validation prompt

Winter Release 4.6

We are pleased to announce the big Winter release Version 4.6 of developments for ProductionWise.

Latest Release Items

Forecasting your crop yield potential just got a whole lot easier!

The ProductionWise Crop Tracker is a very unique decision support tool that can be used to determine potential crop yields for selected paddocks throughout the growing season and we have just given it a major overhaul.

This newly restructured part of ProductionWise allows you to:

  • Easily set up yield forecasts for any chosen paddock, all from one-page view in ProductionWise.
  • Receive simulated yield forecasts and a detailed summary of in-paddock conditions with minimal wait time (Yield simulations can be returned in matter of minutes once they are set up properly)
  • View a simple to understand dashboard of information about your crop that includes current growth stages, yield prediction ranges and soil moisture profile.
  • Easily change planned operations such as future fertiliser applications to see what effect they may have on yield potential and gross margin returns.
  • View gross margin returns and better analyse potential returns from various operation and input scenarios.

The technical software components of Crop Tracker are powered by the highly regarded APSIM Initiative, a joint program involving CSIRO, the State of Queensland, The University of Queensland and AgResearch Ltd in New Zealand.

When generating yield forecasts using Crop Tracker, a range of crop and weather-related information is processed including details of sowing/seeding operations, fertiliser rates and timing, soil nutrient tests and a range of auto populated climate data that we also provide to support the model. Crop Tracker will forecast yield for most varieties of Wheat, Barley, Canola, Oats and Sorghum.

To access Crop Tracker, simply go to the Marketplace (look for the shopping cart symbol in the top menu of your account) and select the paddock(s) that you wish to receive Crop Tracker simulations for this season.


PA Hub ? An introduction to your spatial viewer

Since Plant18 commenced, the PA Hub (precision agriculture page) of ProductionWise has been available for growers and advisers to view temporal and spatial NDVI imagery acquired for their properties. The PA Hub now provides the foundation for which spatial data vegetation biomass (NDVI), elevation and other forms of spatial data (under dev.) will be managed within ProductionWise.

If you have recently ordered NDVI satellite imagery for your farm for 2018 or for previous seasons, checkout the PA Hub from either the Farms or Paddocks pages to look at your crop development, paddock variability and define targeted scouting areas.


Farm Planning ? Customise your report details

We have made it easier to generate PDF farm plan reports through a customised interface allowing you to build the report and the content you want to see.? Simply choose from the various summaries, maps and paddock related components to tailor the report to your needs.

Do you want to print a report without financials or a list of your required inputs to get some quotes on? Simply hide the costs associated with your planned inputs to create an input list without costs to provide to your suppliers.


Spraying Operations ? Record multiple weather observations

Record multiple weather observations for your spraying activities to ensure conditions during the application are captured accurately.

Grain Contracts ? Keep track of all your grain contracts

Grain contract forms have been upgraded to allow the full details of any grain contracts to be entered. Keep track of any changes to your contracts as the season progresses and upload attachments for reference. This will be used as the foundation to calculate and manage your grain position report (under dev.) which will indicate your relative market position and exposure.

Print farm map with current crop status

Now you can print your farm map showing the current crop status using the default colour scheme.? This can be toggled on or off using the layer control in the Print Map layers menu. These maps can be a useful reference for managing your paddocks throughout the season.

Adviser recommendation reports can include/exclude a farm map

We have included the ability to include/exclude a farm map when advisers create recommendations. By default, recommendations will include the farm map unless this option is unchecked when the recommendation is created. The map is just an additional reference to help highlight the paddocks which need to be addressed.

Bug Fixes

Over the months we have addressed several improvements and optimisations including bugs that have been raised by our users.

  • Splitting a shared operation ? now separates the operation from the multi-paddock group if details have been altered
  • ProductionWise not loading on Internet Explorer
  • Issues with printing farm map rectified
  • Spraying weather details showing incorrect unit displayed in paddock diary

Autumn Release 4.5

We are pleased to announce the latest release Version 4.5 of developments for ProductionWise.
A number of these latest features/improvements have been based on feedback from many of the growers and trusted advisers.

Latest Release Items

  • Calendar view of paddock activities (web)
    • Viewing paddock activities and upcoming plans just got a whole lot easier?with the calendar
    • View any?activities entered into the paddock diary such as actuals, plans, recos, observations or ordered NDVI imagery
    • Enter new activities from the calendar easily
    • To access, go to the FARMS or PADDOCKS page and click Calendar (Top Right)
  • Share operations with contractors or farm workers (web & app)
    • Growers and advisers can now share paddock activities as jobs to complete with 3rd parties such as contractors and farm workers
    • Recipients can?receive a job without having a ProductionWise account?that also allows?additional information to be provided upon completion of the job
    • Pricing information can be editable, read only or hidden for privacy
    • Receive an email notification once the job has been completed
    • To access, go to PADDOCKS and for the selected activity, click Share
  • Custom variety/inputs can now be?entered on the run (web & app)
    • Quickly and easily, growers and advisers can now add products that don?t appear in the provided input or crop variety lists
    • Improves your efficiency?to continue with farm planning, creating a recommendation or data entry without lost time
    • Adding Inputs – From the inputs page, select ‘Custom’ and?enter the name of the new input
    • Adding Variety – From a Sowing Operation, when selecting Variety, select Other from Add New Variety option
  • Production Summary Reporting?(web)
    • Allows you to generate and view the current status of your paddocks production capacity and value?using budgeted yield and price
    • Paddock summary of recent harvests assessing budgeted yield, price and revenue compared with actual values recorded at harvest time
    • Summary of planned sowing and/or planted sowing intentions to determine production potential and estimate of crop value
    • To access, go to REPORTS page and select?Production Summary
  • Contract Summary Reporting (web)
    • Provides an overview of grain contracts recorded in the system
    • Assists?you in determining your current grain contract obligations and grain position
    • To access, go to REPORTS page and select Contract Summary
  • Make comments with style (web & app)
    • Comments for any operation can now be made with basic styling such as bold, italics, underlines and bullet/numbered points
    • This?provides more flexibility when formatting notes and comments to activities
  • Monthly subscription invoices (web)
    • View and download any previous tax invoices for prior monthly periods
    • To access, go to?ACCOUNT SETTINGS?and select Payment History (bottom of screen)
  • Help us communicate effectively with you (web)
    • Ability to receive system email and SMS notifications when we push information to you
    • You can?select?the types of notifications you want to receive from ProductionWise
    • To update these settings, go to?ACCOUNT SETTINGS and Change Details
  • Benchmarking tool update (web)
    • Updated average column to show a weighted average?-?incorporating paddock area size in?calculation
    • Added Total column to provide sum of?each component queried
    • To access, go to the?TOOLS menu?and select Benchmarking page


  • Images attached to observations are now stored as low-res thumbnails to improve sync speed and reducing the overall application size stored on your device
  • Bug fixed where exporting input lists through Custom Report was causing errors
  • Bug?fixed where Recommendation reports were intermittently being sent to the third party set up in the Report settings page
  • Bug fixed where Grain Storage reset?was not?clearing the crop type from that storage
  • Plus numerous site optimisations and improvements

Previous Release Items

  • Header yield processing ? FREE for 2017 Season
  • Grain pricing discovery (Growers Only)
  • Introduction to the ProductionWise marketplace – Order NDVI and APSIM Crop Tracker
  • Updated ProductionWise Terms of Use, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Christmas Release

We are pleased to announce the latest release Version 4.4 of developments for ProductionWise.? This release includes some major development items the team has been working on to assist you over this harvest period. We have previously released some smaller development items which you have most probably taken advantage of by now and have detailed them below for your reference.

Latest Release Items

  • Header Yield Processing ? FREE for 2017 Season
    • ProductionWise now allows header yield data to be uploaded against your paddocks
    • Automatic processing of yield data simply and effectively for the 2017 season
    • To access, go to TOOLS menu and select the Yield Processing page
  • Grain Pricing Discovery (Growers Only)
    • Keep an eye on the daily cash bids to gain valuable market access insight
    • Set up favourite grain delivery sites to monitor daily cash prices
    • To access, go to GRAIN menu and select the Grain Pricing page
  • ProductionWise Marketplace
    • Introducing the new monthly pricing structure to access ProductionWise
    • A flexible monthly provision to select paddock decision support on your paddocks
    • Receive Crop Tracker forecasts and NDVI imagery on your selected paddocks
    • To access, go to the Shopping Trolley menu icon to view your monthly options
  • Updated ProductionWise Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy
    • Introduction of industry first Data Use Principles outlining our obligations to you and your data
    • Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these updated conditions

Previous Release Items

  • Paddock Diary list shows paddocks receiving Crop Tracker yield forecasting and NDVI imagery orders
  • Expansion of imagery platforms now showing Sentinel 2b imagery along with Sentinel 2A and Landsat 7 & 8
  • Grain Harvest capture fields to include seed generation and seed reference details
  • Importing of KML farm maps now accessible from Farms page
  • Updated spraying activity water source to allow water source and storage options

General App Improvements

  • More values now default based on previous entered operations
  • View header yields uploaded from the website
  • Improved offline support
  • Record soil moisture as part of soil test activities
  • Quickly add activities from the action page
  • Updated spraying activity water source to allow water source and storage options
  • Easily send feedback from the new side menu button (love to hear from you)
  • Favourite input products are now synced with the website
  • Action page for growers to improve navigation
  • View received recommendations offline
  • Growers can view their farm plans
  • Growers can use templates when adding operations to the diary
  • Observations with a location can be viewed on the map

Australian Growers and advisers can now view Crop Tracker (APSIM) simulations

  • ??View current growth stage, latest yield prediction and soil moisture status
  • ??View GSR and recent frost and heat stress influences
  • ??Slide show of NDVI imagery for Crop Tracker selected paddocks
  • ??View APSIM yield simulations on previous seasons paddocks
  • ??Simple Paddock-to-Crop tracker interface
  • ??Record in-season paddock yield estimations from observation activities

Adviser Improvements

  • Advisers can view their connected growers’ farm maps
  • Adviser Recommendations:
    • Recommendation creation page has been redesigned
    • Expand and collapse the details of a reco
    • Advisers can reuse saved comments for operations
    • Recommendation reports sync for offline viewing
  • Create or edit activities in the grower’s paddock diaries
  • Apply templates to their grower’s diary
  • Advisers now have default and remembered costs
  • View connected growers purchased NDVI imagery


– Further improvements to the sync and operational speeds.

– Added filtering by activity types in the diary for Growers and Advisers

– NDVI imagery observations now show the cloud cover status

– Photos now sync correctly to the website

– Adding Delta T values to a spraying operation accepts decimal values

– Last entered costs and default costs now load when creating an operation

– The map now loads you directly to the selected farm

– Large comments for observation images are now handled correctly

– Product name is displayed instead of material type for inputs

App Version 1.7.2 – Adviser Reco Redesign

The latest app update, version 1.7.2 is now available in both the Apple and Android app stores. The update includes many enhancements for advisers, and further improving their ability to interact with their connected growers whilst in the paddock and offline.?Many of the improvements in this update come from valuable user feedback and recent adviser training sessions.

Adviser Recommendations

  1. Completely redesigned the recommendation builder page
  2. The new reco page is now a single page view, so you can easily review your reco before submitting
  3. The reco page allows you to switch the view to show or hide details with the expand/collapse control

Bug Fixes

  1. Last entered and default costs of operations and inputs have been improved when creating new operations
  2. Grower account farm map now loads to the selected farm
  3. Observation image comments improved
  4. Product name is now displayed for inputs on preview page

App Version 1.7 Adviser Paddock Diary Update

The ProductionWise software development team has been working hard in recent months to bring you the latest ProductionWise mobile App update. A key long term goal for our team is to build all of the Web based features of ProductionWise into the app and this release is the latest in an going effort of scheduled improvements in our development pipeline.

Many of the improvements that we build into our system come from valuable user feedback, it?s a critical way for us to identify system improvements and we always consider it when it comes through.

The latest version 1.7 update includes many enhancements for advisers, and improving their ability to interact with their connected growers. A summary of these include:

Improvements to the Adviser App

  • Create or edit activities in grower paddock diaries.
  • Approve/deny planned and recommended operations for their connected growers.
  • Apply templates to growers? paddock diaries.
  • View the location of observations on a map.
  • Select from a list of default and/or remembered costs for operations.
  • Select favourites when adding inputs to operations.
  • Reuse saved comments when creating operations in their grower’s diary
  • Sync submitted recommendation reports for offline viewing.
  • View connected growers purchased NDVI imagery.
  • Change the operation area of recommended operations.

General Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Added filtering by activity types in the diary for Growers and Advisers.
  • Further improvements to the sync and operational speeds.
  • NDVI imagery observations now show the cloud cover status
  • Draft recommendation creation speed is vastly improved.
  • Bug fix for Advisers when viewing a sowing operation.
  • My favourite products are now synced with the website.
  • Adviser account syncing improvements for large accounts.
  • Photo syncing to the website has been enhanced.

The update is now available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Version 4.3 Benchmarking Update

GrainGrowers is pleased to announce ProductionWise version 4.3,?the benchmarking update.

Paddock Diary

  • Added a diary activity filter to reduce clutter and help find specific activity types easily, useful when viewing NDVI imagery observations
  • Added an end growing window toggle on all operation forms, this allows you to set, for example, a spraying operation to end a crop
  • Updated APSIM to version 7.8 ready for the 2017 winter cropping season


  • Added an all new Benchmarking page for subscribers located?under the tools menu
  • Compare the financial performance of paddocks, crops or specific varieties from multiple farms
  • Compare total income, cost of production and gross margin
  • View the break down of each crops expenses as a pie chart

Adviser Recommendations

  • Adviser recommendations now allow you to edit the paddock operation area for part paddock applications

New Website

We quietly released our new front end website back in February. It will grow over time with new help videos, list of features and its a great place to learn about all the latest updates.

Update 4.3 included many other improvements and fixes reported by our users.

App Version 1.5.1 Update Released

GrainGrowers is?pleased to announce ProductionWise App version 1.5.1

Grower App Improvements

  • New action page after selecting a farm to simplify app navigation
  • Action page provides access to diary, recommendations, farm plans and the farm map
  • Recommendation PDFs saved to the app can be viewed offline whilst in the paddock
  • Farm Plan PDFs can be viewed from the app
  • When adding operations to the diary you can use your templates saved on the website
  • Added support for growers who have multiple adviser connections
  • Grain harvests can now capture grain price like the website

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved templates so they calculate growing windows correctly
  • Improved templates handling of grazing operations

The update is now available from the Apple App Store and Google Play